Classic Car Research

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MGB_LH_Overdrive.pdf A good article from the MGOC website explaining checks to do if you have problems with the overdrive unit. … More

Radiator ID Plate

Nothing spectacular but with a date of 8/91 obviously not an original rad on a 1975 car. Whether it was … More

Crich Tramway Village

Crich Tramway Village Free admission for drivers of pre-1979 vehicles if parked in the Museum street for a minimum of … More

Park Smart

Find out what the car crime rate is where you park your car. With Park Smart, you can simply add … More

Gearbox Lower Mounting

These mountings were definitely ready for replacement – think someone may have attempted it in the past but unless off … More

MGB Secrets

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Refitting MGB Overdrive

The Haynes manual simply says to refit as removal which is absolutely useless. It is a right swine to refit … More


A very comprehensive book with enormous detail in all the changes year by year of the MGB range of variants. … More

Gearbox Problems!!

The main reason for removing the gearbox was to get at a nylon bush that was suspected to have failed … More

MGB cross member mod

One of the tricky jobs in removing the engine with gearbox was removing the cross member. Apart from the fact … More

Seat Belt Tidy

A useful addition to keep the inertia seat belts in the right place. An inexpensive accessory that fits around the … More

How Many Left?

How Many Left? How Many Left. See how many cars of any make and model are left on Britain’s roads. … More

MG Experience Forums

MG Experience Forums : The MG Experience Your Online MG Club! Ask a question or introduce yourself on any of … More

Refurb Rear Shockers

An advisory on the last couple of mot’s was seeping (not leaking) rear shockers. So when a couple of refurbs … More

MGB Heater Rebuild

Chicagoland MG Club:MGB Heater Rebuild Chicagoland Mg Club:MGB Heater Rebuild A great Step by step guide to the heater box … More