This page is a collection of posts about  jobs, mods and maintenance I have done on my 1975 MGB Roadster.

Since I bought it at the end of 2017 i have carried out quite a lot of small jobs under the bonnet and on the body – recently having removed the engine and gearbox to sort out a gear selector problem. At the same time took the opportunity to sort out oil leaks on the engine. Also I have included many quick tips and ideas that may be of interest to other MGB owners. There are reviews of many of the accessories I have added and places that I have been in the car – mainly shows and autojumbles that are worth a mention and may be of interest to other owners.

Click on any of the posts by hovering your curser over the image – this will display the full post.

You are welcome to add your comments, corrections and suggestions (or whether you agree or disagree) to any of the posts on this website. You can contact me directly at

Please note that I cannot be held responsible if any of the information in any of the posts do not turn out as expected (I am advised that I have to put this liability waiver in).

Looking for anything in particular then use the search box below or scan down the list of all the posts.

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