Radiator Air Duct

Having realised this panel was missing from my MGB and been able to locate a panel as they were only … More

Ignition Sports Coil

INTERMOTOR SPORTS COIL Got one of these that came with the car – works well. Engine starts no problem without … More

Radiator Overflow Pipe

I have seen so many different ways that this pipe has been positioned by owners of other MGB’s. When i … More

Checking Fuel Pump Flow

I recently suspected that the fuel pump was not working correctly as there was high speed clicking – guess about … More

Compression Testers

Over the years i have used many compression testers. My first tester looked like a large tyre pressure gauge but … More

Gunsons Gastester

I bought a Gunsons Gastester years ago and it’s been sitting on a garage shelf since then so i decided … More

Gunsons Compression Tester

Checked the compression in the cylinders. Took plugs out and checked each cylinder in line and wrote down the readings … More

Vacuum / Ignition Timing

I have been reading articles and discussions on forums that setting timing to 40+ year old manufacturers guidelines has no … More

Signs of a leak!!

I have been watching this white patch in the corner of the radiator carefully as it is seepage and a … More

Distributor Advance Curves

It’s interesting to see the big difference in the advance curves in the early 25D4 and later 45D4 distributors. Looking … More

Engine Lifting Kit

This is the equipment that i bought to take the MGB engine and gearbox out. 1 ton folding crane 500kg … More

Which way to advance?

Was checking the timing which was slightly out on the MGB. Should be 10deg for strobe timing but based on … More

Timing cover oil leak

Think i may have found another oil leak that i hadn’t spotted whilst the engine was out. Oil was dripping … More

Poor quality gaskets

Unfortunately from a so called reputable supplier! Look at the hole locations…..none of them would line up together no matter … More

Duplex Timing Chain

I was pleasantly surprised to find a duplex timing chain when i recently had the engine out. Originally all mgb’s … More

SU carb needle id tag

There are so many different needles available for the SU carbs so just to remind me (and and future owner … More

The Stages of MGB Tuning

Ever wondered what the different stages of tuning means for the MGB. Found this article on the internet. more info … More

MGB Fuel filter Debate

Fuel filter | MG MGB Technical | MG-Cars.net An interesting forum discussion about the use of a fuel filter. Mine … More